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Student Matters

Student Matters


After the announcement of the results taken by the Ministry of Education and after the lists with the successful candidates are sent to the department, the ministry of Education and universities' separate announcements invite successful candidates to register. The requirements for the registration are:
  1. Application (provided in the secretariat)
  2. School certificate or certified copy of it.
  3. Affirmation statement in simple paper that the successful candidate is not registered in another school or Department of Higher Education in Greece.
  4. Four photographs (used for identity cards)
  5. Photocopy of identity card (not certified).
  6. For the completion of registration, first year students ought to be medically checked (chest X-ray and examinations by a pathologist).
Enrolment for the courses

After the beginning of every semester (September, October and February) the new students and others of previous years are invited by the secretariat to fill in an enrolment form for the courses they will attend in the particular term and these which will be examined in the corresponding examination period. Regarding the examinations, the following are applied:
  1. The enrolment for the courses are usually held in the first 10 days of October for the first term (winter term) and during the second ten days of February for the second term (spring term).
  2. The commencement of the courses is during the last week of September based on the program of studies of the department.
  3. The termination of the courses of the first term is on the second week of January.
  4. The examinations of the first term are held during the second fortnight of January till the first 10 days of February.
  5. The courses of the summer term commence on the second ten days of February.
  6. The termination of teaching in the second term is sometimes at the end of May.
  7. The examinations of second term are realized in the first fortnight of June.
  8. In September, repetitive examinations are held for the courses taught in the winter and summer terms.
Transfers - Classifications

The department of Business Administration of Food and Agricultural Products after the 67859/B1/05-07-2006 decision made by the Ministry (FEK 874/10-07-2006 t.B) was regarded as non-equivalent with other University departments. As a result transfers will not be realized because the existence of equivalence is an indispensable requirement for the application according to the law N.3282/2004 (FEK 208/01-11-2004 t.A)
The students should refer to the Departmental Secretariat for matters concerning the necessary requirements for classification, the deadlines of applications and other relevant information. All requirements should be handed in between 1-15 of November of each academic year
The following scholarships are granted-money prizes:
  • The amount of 1467.35 and 293.47 euros annually for the performance and entrance by the institution for state scholarships.
  • From the incomes of various bequests.
  • From the institution Tasou Papastratou every year for best performance
Study consultant
The institution of study consultant has been prevailed successfully in most of the universities in the country and abroad. This institution is mostly consultative but also intermediary between the student and the administration of the department. Every student has his/her own faculty member with whom he/she discusses about issues regarding:
  • Better organization of his/her studies.
  • Student life in town (residence etc)
  • Problems regarding his/her performance
  • Information relating to postgraduate studies
  • Career perspectives
  • Other issues the student needs to discuss.
The departmental Secretariat offers all the informative information.
Every faculty member communicates with students in fixed times and days every week.

Student Union

After the commencement of the department of Business Administration of Food and Agricultural Products in 1998, the activities of the student union started to take place. Apparently, the number of students then was small, however a very friendly student community was created eager to work. As the years went by, this community continued and still continues to take action becoming larger. The student union is represented by a five member council and for the academic year 2007- 2008, the council’s settlement include:

Chairman: Fronimakis Nikolaos
Vice-Chairman: Diafonidi Eleni
Secretary: Tsibrikidis Georgios
Treasurer: Tsakakou Theodora
Member: Xarchis Nikolaos

Beside the daily activities, the student union of the Department of Business Administration of Food and Agricultural Products during the academic year 2002-2003 took the initiative and organized two meetings related to quality and how it is linked to business administration. The topics in the meetings were:
  • Agriculture and Environment: The challenges of Quality
  • The role of certification on the quality of agricultural products
Both meetings that took place were sponsored by the Company of Business Administration and hosted expert scientists in the field. In addition, in collaboration with academic teachers of the department, the student union organized various seminars, discussions and events. Moreover, the student union offered essential help in the organization of the first conference that took place in Agrinio in November 2003. During that conference, the department developed a link with five big companies. Our students will have the possibility to collaborate with these enterprises and discuss their occupational rehabilitation.

A vital priority of the student union lately was the consolidation of professional rights and the development of a new, more competitive curriculum, which will be related to contemporary challenges. After constant trials in cooperation with academic teachers of the department, we managed to place among the subject courses, some new course subjects related to economics and management. This fact resulted in obtaining satisfaction from a long lasting request. The department meets all the requirements that the Chamber of Economists sets so that it can be incorporated into it. Therefore, students are able to join the Chamber of Economists.