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Programme of Postgraduate courses "MBA in Business Administration of Food & Agricultural Enterprises" at University of Patras.

Aims and Objectives

The focus of Graduate Studies is on the Food Business Administration domain.
The food industry is the most important sector of Greek manufacturing. The industry has a prominent position in the Greek economy, contributing significantly to the overall economy. It is a very dynamic industry, competitive and extrovert.
This MBA will enable students to come into contact with the environment of food businesses through case studies and business games, which have been developed and acquired based on the actual characteristics of the Greek economy and of the sector as well as through educational visits to food enterprises (head office and plants of production). The educational work of the MBA is reflected in the provided knowledge, research and contribution to the development of local and national economy.

The framework curriculum develops a comprehensive view regarding education and places emphasis, beyond the assimilation of knowledge, on the development of students' communicative, cognitive and interpersonal characteristics and skills.
The goals of the programme include: development of students' critical thinking, promotion of analytical and synthetic thinking, transmission of fertile knowledge to avoid memorization, training on the skill to learn how you work in groups, cultivation of effective written and oral communication skills, problem solving and decision-making and strategic thinking.
The maximum number of students admitted in the Programme of postgraduate studies is 35 per year.
The duration for the award of MSc is three (3) academic semesters.

Target Audience

The programme offered is full time and attendance is compulsory. It is aimed at graduate students of higher education domestically and abroad, holders of undergraduate degrees in exact, economic and related disciplines who wish to establish themselves as competent and fully trained staff in the field of Food Enterprises. Graduate candidate students must meet the following conditions:
They must be graduates of Greek or recognized, law-abiding foreign university departments specializing in Business Administration or
They must be graduates of other disciplines of Sciences, Economics, Polytechnic and Agricultural Faculties of Universities in Greece or abroad, equivalent to the Greek and finally
They must be graduates of Technological Institutions (former TEI)  departments of respective specialties
Students need to attend and successfully pass the exams of 12 taught courses and also submit a diploma thesis in order to obtain the PDS.
The courses typically require, beyond the mandatory monitoring, self-motivated students to participate in classroom discussions and assignments
The Master of Science degree is awarded upon submission of mandatory coursework during three semesters (total 72 ECTS), upon successful outcome of examinations of the courses taught in all semesters and upon submission of a dissertation (30 ECTS).

Website: mba.deapt.upatras.gr