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Laboratory of Plant Production

Program Director's Message

The Plant Production laboratory established in 2001 and succeeded in a short period of time to develop significant infrastructures and to evolve to an important research center for the Region of Western Greece and the whole of Greek territory. The research activities of the Plant Production Laboratory focus on: a) the study of ecophysical-biochemical mechanism of plant adaptation under abiotic stress conditions and in precision agriculture, b) the measurement and estimation of residues of plant protection substances, c) the identification of the geographical origin of agricultural products and foods. The Plant Production laboratory, acquired considerable research infrastructure and equipment, mainly through participation in a number of competing research programs. This infrastructure and equipment provided to meet the above-mentioned research objectives. Results of this infrastructure exploitation and laboratory staff research effort is a numerous of scientific papers published in greek and foreign scientific journals and the establishing of interdisciplinary collaborations with foreign research institutes.

A. Patakas
Director of laboratory


The Plant Production laboratory of the Department of Business Administration of Food and Agricultural Enterprises of University of Patras

: G. Seferi 2, 30100 Agrinio, (1st Building, Ground floor)
Phone: 26410 74145
Fax: 26410 74179
E-mail: apatakas@upatras.gr
Web Page: http://plantlab.deapt.uwg.gr/

Research Activity

  1.  Precision Agriculture
  2.  Identification of Geographical Origin of Agricultural Products
  3.  Pesticides Residues


The laboratory is well equipped with the appropriate infrastructure fulfilling the needs of research projects relevant to plant-water relationships and irrigation scheduling. This infrastructure consists of microclimatic sensors (temperature, PAR, UV, relative humidity, wind speed etc) and data loggers, specific equipment for gas exchange measurements (open portable gas exchange system- chlorophyll fluorescence), leaf area meters, plant hydrodynamic and soil moisture sensors. The laboratory is equipped with soil moisture profilers, an electronic irrigation system as well as software for ET estimations using meteorological data. As far as the plant water status is concerned, there are pressure chambers for leaf water potential measurements and phsychrometers for osmotic and turgor potential determinations. Recently, the laboratory was involved in a research project concerning the evaluation and further development of sap flow sensors for ‘in situ’ monitoring of transpiration and water losses in grapevines which can be used for optimization of irrigation management. As a result, there is adequate infrastructure (sensors and software) for sap flow monitoring in plants under field conditions. Furthermore, there is specified section for biochemicalanalysis consisting of HPLC, Gas chromatography (GC-MS), atomic absorption and spectrophotometers.

Research Programs

Indicative List of Research Projects

2012-2015. AGRO_LESS  – Joint reference strategies for rural activities of reduced input  (Β3.11.02). Interreg

2011-2014. «Holistic approach of drought adaptation mechanisms in lotus corniculatus natural populations for optimization of production under water stress», Funded by the Greek Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, (Research Project Archimedes).

2011-2014. «Ecophysiological indicators for increasing pomegranate competiveness». Funded by GSRT.

2011-2013. «Precise management of water resources in agriculture ». Funded by «Region of Western Greece, Peloponnese and Ionian Islands 2007-2013».

2011-2013. «Dissipation, transport of selected pesticides in soil-water systems and the impact on soil microorganisms and selfsown floa in experimental field cultivations of energy crops (PEST-SOW-E-CROP)», Funded by the Greek Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, (Research Project Archimedes).

2011-2013. «Development of advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) with the use of nanomaterials and sunlight, for the removal of various organic toxic micropollutants, endocrine disrupters and cyanotoxins from natural waters and sewages (AOP-Nanomat)», Research Project Thalis.

2011-2013. «Development of micro- and mesoporous hybrid materials for technology and environmental applications (POROTECH)», Research Project Thalis.

2010-2011 Precise irrigation management in horticultural crops. Funded by GSRT

2010-2013. «Measurement of pesticide residues used in agricultural products and nutritional intake estimation», Research Project-Heraclitus ΙΙ.

2010-2013. «Optimization of natural antioxidant factors of plants via the control of nutritional substances», Research Project-Heraclitus ΙΙ.

2008-2010. «Εcophysiological and biochemical effects in grapevine plants induced by implementation of new irrigation strategies», Funded by: International Organisation of Vine and Wine (O.I.V ).

2006-2008. “Innovative irrigation techniques for improving water use efficiency and fruit quality”. Funded by GSRT.

2006-2008. « New insights in irrigation technology », Project «COMPETITION»,  WORK: «International cooperation for industrial research, development activities in pre-competitive stage– 2005».

2005-2008. « Adaptive responses of grapevines to the combination of drought and elevated UV », PENED Project, Funded by GSRT.

2003-2008. Cost action 858 «Biotic and abiotic stress-grapevine defense mechanism and grape development».

2003-2006. « New methodologies for optimisation of irrigation water use ». Action: 4.5.1-Joint Venture for Research and Technological Development on National Priority Sections-Action: GSRT.

2000-2001. « Evaluation of grapevine rootstock responses to salinity-Greek China  Cooperation research projects » Transnational Scientific & Technological cooperation of Greece and China, Funded by GSRT.

Research Stuff

Professor A. Ladavos
Professor A. Patakas
Laboratory-Teaching Staff Vasilios Triantafilidis
Laboratory-Teaching Staff Alexandra Tsintzou
Postdoctoral Researcher A. Zotos
Postdoctoral Researcher A.Beis
PhD Student Α. Pittaras
PhD Student Α. Chouzouri
PhD Student Ι. Prodromou
PhD Student E.Kokkotos