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Laboratory of Agribusiness Management

Laboratory of Agribusiness Management (Director: Prokopis Theodoridis)

The Laboratory of Organization and Business Administration of the Rural Area, started operating institutionally in 2003. Its mission is to investigate the complex issues of modern entrepreneurship and the study of the factors that shape it with a focus on the food industry. To this end, the laboratory conducts research covering issues of business of agricultural products and food as well as businesses of all sectors in general, such as:

  • Entrepreneurship motives / goals and practices
  • Degree of Marketing Adoption in the Culture and Practices of Food Business and Agricultural Products
  • Competitive strategy and business efficiency
  • Degree of extroversion of companies, cooperatives and producer groups
  • Total quality management and business excellence
  • Quality management systems
  • Quality improvement tools and techniques
  • Business cluster and regional / local economy
  • Business practices and human resource management
  • Entrepreneurship development support factors
  • Business intelligence systems
  • Applications of intelligent algorithms for optimizing business processes
In this context, the laboratory is active in relevant research fields and funded programs - national, European and international - where doctoral and postdoctoral research, postgraduate and undergraduate dissertations are prepared respectively. The workshop actively supports the students of the postgraduate program "Food Business Administration - MBA" of the Department who conduct research in order to write a dissertation required to obtain their master's degree. Indicatively mentioned:
Research topics that are the subject of doctoral dissertations that have been completed:
   "Design, Development and Application of Computational Intelligence Algorithms in Problems of Finding Optimal Program Hours in Secondary School Schools (School Timetabling) and Scheduling". Doctor Ioannis Tassopoulos, Supervising Professor: Gr. Beligiannis, Associate Professor
   "Design, development and implementation of intelligent Computational Intelligence algorithms in troubleshooting problems for optimal schedule of work schedule for public and private sector staff". Doctor Ioannis Solos, Supervising Professor: Gr. Beligiannis, Associate Professor
  "Total Quality Management - Determinants and Results in Greek Enterprises". Doctor: Psomas Evangelos. Supervising Professor: Christos Fotopoulos
    "The Role of Physical and Intangible Features of Services in Shaping Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty and the Catalytic Role of Differences in National Culture. Entertainment Fun ". Doctor: Dimas Athanasios. Supervising Professor: Christos Fotopoulos
    "Examination of the degree of adoption of opportunistic behaviors in the food supply chain: Relationships of retail businesses and suppliers". Doctor: George Maglaras. Supervising Professor: Christos Fotopoulos
    "The Efficiency of Food Quality and Safety Systems. Critical Effective Application Factors and the Impact on Food Business Performance". Doctor: Kafetzopoulos Dimitrios. Supervising Professor: Christos Fotopoulos
Research topics that are the subject of ongoing doctoral dissertations are:
    "Consumer experience in wineries and its effect on purchasing behavior - Factors that make it up and their degree of influence." PhD Candidate, Larry Ifigenia, Supervising Professor: Prokopis Theodoridis, Assistant Professor
    "The placement of brands and branded products in electronic media and entertainment: Factors that influence consumer buying behavior." PhD Candidate, Boukouvala Vassiliki, Supervising Professor: Prokopis Theodoridis, Assistant Professor
    "Empirical investigation of the factors of habit, inaction and shock in consumer buying behavior". PhD Candidate Migdakos Grigoris, Supervising Professor: Prokopis Theodoridis, Assistant Professor
    "Consumer Behavior Using Mobile Devices in Internet Marketing Applications". PhD Candidate Dimitrios C. Gkikas, Supervising Professor: Prokopis Theodoridis, Assistant Professor
     "Problem solving for timetabling, scheduling and transitrouting using modern computer intelligence and Intelligent Hybrid Systems algorithms." PhD Candidate Katsaragakis Joseph, Supervising Professor: Gr. Beligiannis, Associate Professor
     "The implementation of information systems in food businesses in the prefecture of Etoloakarnania". PhD Candidate Mitsos Vassilios, Supervising Professor: Gr. Beligiannis, Associate Professor
   "The application of LeanManufacturing methodology in the public sector". PhD Candidate Tassiou Maria, Supervising Professor: Evangelos Psomas, Assistant Professor
    "The application of Lean Manufacturing methodology in the industrial sector and in the service sector", PhD Candidate Kinti Fotini, Supervising Professor: Evangelos Psomas, Assistant Professor
    "Educational expenses in post-war Greece during the period 1950-2005. Study of the interactions with basic macroeconomic variables ". PhD Candidate Garafas Georgios, Supervising Professor: M. Tsambra, Assistant Professor
   "Factors for determining and differentiating the resilience of regional labor markets in the current crisis." PhD candidate Gerats Rebecca, Supervising Professor: M. Chambra, Assistant Professor


Laboratory of Agribusiness Management

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  • Phone: 26410 74124
  • Fax: 2641074179
  • Website: afb.deapt.upatras.gr

Research Activity

Among the most important research projects in which the laboratory has participated and is participating are the following:
  • Competitive program: "Restructuring of tobacco cultivation with crops of energy and aromatic - medicinal plants". Measure 8 of CAN. (EC) no. 2181/02. FINANCING: European Union. FOREAS: University of Ioannina.
  • Competitive program: "Business guidance systems for agricultural holdings in tobacco production zones with a focus on their sustainability and competitiveness". Measure 8 of CAN. (EC) no. 2182/02. FINANCING: European Union. FOREAS: University of Ioannina.
  • Life Long Learning Program - GRUNDVIG: "Migrant Language and Social Integration" USE: European Commission (ref. 527834 - Lifelong Learning Program - 1 - 2012 - 1 - GR - GRUNDVIG - GMP). ΣΥΜΜΕΤΕΧΟΝΤΕΣΦΟΡΕΙΣ: EXUS S.A., NGO KMOP, Anziani e non solo soc. Coop. (ANS), Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute (CNTI), University of Peloponnese.
  • Program Diversity, Inequalities and Social Integration - Academic Research in the Priority Sectors of HMEOX for the period 2009-2014 (EEA GRANTS): "Participatory Action Research to Address Un / Under-Employment at the Local Level". MONEY: EEA GR07 / 3694. PARTICIPATING TAXES: University of Peloponnese, University of the Aegean, Institute of Small Businesses IME-GSEVEE, Work Research Institute, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences.
  •     Participation in a European network with the theme: Reshaping society and space: home-based self-employment and businesses (WORKANDHOME). MONEY: European Research Council - ERC Starting Grant2015-2020. Utrecht University, ILS Dortmund.
Other research activities and collaborations

  • Co-organized by Seminar Series with funding from the Urban Studies Foundation (USF) <http://www.urbanstudiesfoundation.org/> for the academic year 2016/2017 on "SPATIAL RECONFIGURATIONS OF WORK IN CITIES". Scientific supervisor: Maria Tsambra, Assistant Professor.
  • Design and implementation of pan-Hellenic research by Assistant Professor Mr. Prokopi Theodoridis in collaboration with the Professor of the Athens University of Economics and Business Mr. Georgios Baltas on "Consumer and Greek Product" with the support of undergraduate students, postgraduate 2013 graduate students and candidates and 2015.
  • Design and development of the electronic website www.discoveragrinio.gr on behalf of the Municipality of Agrinio for the promotion and tourism promotion of the Municipality with the support of postgraduate students of the "MBA Food Business Administration" and the PhD candidate of the Department with Ph.D. . Prokopi Theodoridis. April 2014.
  • Design and implementation of a pan-Hellenic research on "Pomegranate: Analysis of consumer consumer behavior" and preparation of a business plan on behalf of "AS Producers of Rhodes N. Etoloakarnania" with the support of postgraduate students of the Department of Science and Technology "MBA Business Administration Mr. Prokopi Theodoridis. February 2013.