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Welcome to the
Department of Business Administration of Food and Agricultural Enterprises (B.A.F.A.E.)
of the School of Economics & Business of University of Patras

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Department of Business Administration of Food & Agricultural Enterprises (B.A.F.A.E.)

Department of Business Administration of Food & Agricultural Enterprises

The department developed a contemporary programme of studies based on the experience of corresponding Greek and International University departments. The programme of studies offers important knowledge grounding in the area of Agribusiness Management combining knowledge in the economic, management and agricultural domains which corresponds both to the requirements of units which produce, process and trade agricultural products and foods and to the policy applied to devices used for viable development of enterprises and generally of the agricultural Economy. In general, the areas of study of the programme of studies are:

  • Economics (Microeconomics, Macroeconomics), Agricultural Economy and Policy, Cooperative Economy, Price Analysis.
  • Management (Business Administration Principles, Management Strategy and Policy, Human Resource Management).
  • Marketing (Marketing Principles, Marketing Strategy, International Export Marketing, Consumer Behavior)
  • Regional and International development of Agricultural Enterprises, International Trade of Agricultural Foods and Products.
  • Management Information Systems, Decision Theory, Intelligent Information Systems, Operations Research.
  • Accounting and Finance (General Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting and Price Analysis: Managerial Accounting, Financial Management).
  • Law (Civil Law, Commercial Law).
  • Agriculture, Food Quality and Preservation, Environmental Management.
  • Courses of Basic Sciences such as Mathematics, Statistics, Computing and Chemistry.

The administrative base of our students has an implemented orientation which results from a five year study period which is completed by the realization of the diploma thesis during the last 10th semester of studies.

The crowning of the above is the recent recognition of the important work of the department by the registration of the graduates in the Chamber of Economists of Greece.

The department of Business Administration of Food and Agricultural Enterprises is taking part in the effort of other departments' studies lasting five years (National Metsovio, Agricultural School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) for the equality of University titles with the Diplomas of Advanced studies including in the curriculum two further semesters and advanced courses. Thus, the awarded titles of the above institutions can be regarded as a Masters degree.

The scientific grounding of our students is based on the knowledge of experienced and research teaching staff of repute with intense concerns. Towards that direction contribute the four educational and research labs of the department and the dynamic route of the two postgraduate programmes of studies offered by the department, namely, "MBA in Food Business Administration" and "Certification of Quality Agricultural Products".

P. Theodoridis, Assoc. Professor

Head of the Department

Department of Business Administration of Food & Agricultural Enterprises (B.A.F.A.E.)

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