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Joint Postgraduate course 'Certification of the Quality of Agricultural Products' (2003-2010)


The aim of the Postgraduate course is the training of graduates of the Departments of Business Administration of Agricultural Products and Enterprises, Environmental and Natural Resource Management and Medicine of the University of Ioannina and other relevant departments of Tertiary Education in Greece or abroad. This postgraduate course offers units of knowledge that can promote:
  • The training of specialized scientists in certification issues, thus offering guarantee of the quality of agricultural products in relation to nutrition and health of the consumer. These scientists will have a vital role in a regional and national level in matters regarding production and certification of quality products in relation to the complex problems which govern agricultural activities.
  • Re-assurance of the promotion of scientific knowledge and thus the satisfaction of research educational and development needs.
  • Contribution to the confrontation of modern challenges in issues relating to production of alternative forms of agricultural production including the integrated and the ecological ones and the major issue of genetic modification.
The suggestion for the organization and operation of a specialized postgraduate programme of studies and the pursued aims of the programme are a product of:
  • The favourable institutional framework that has been developed and refers to alternative forms of agricultural production including the integrated and ecological one.
  • The observation of medium-term and long-term needs of the labour market to Scientists specialized in new and contemporary knowledge sectors.
  • The systematic observation, recording and analysis of the problems of Undergraduate and Postgraduate education in the departments of Business Administration of Agricultural Products and Enterprises, Environmental and Natural Resource Management, Medicine and the other relevant tertiary Departments.
  • The Evaluation of the country’s social and economic needs.
  • The systematic observation and study of the rapid developments that take place lately in matters relating to production and certification of agricultural products and foods.
The suggested Joint Postgraduate Course award:
  • Diploma of Advanced Studies, lasting 1 year.
  • Masters Degree (MSc) lasting 2 years.
  • Doctorate Diploma (PhD).

The number of compulsory courses in form of weekly and monthly lectures relative to the subject area which are allocated in the two semesters of every academic year are 14 in total ( 7 for every semester).. Every unified thematic unit consists of 35 teaching hours every week. 20 hours involve theory and 15 hours involve Laboratory practice. The thematic units for which Laboratory practice is not required will include only 35 hours of theoretical teaching. The subjects are composed of lesson units, which will be delivered via a series of lectures.
  • Contemporary Themes of Basic Sciences (I & II)
  • Quality and Environment (I & II)
  • Techniques of Agricultural production (I & II)
  • Instruments of certification of Authenticity - Quality (I & II)
  • Legislation and Politics (I & II)
  • Health and Security (I & II)
  • Economic Approach of Certification (I & II)
Apart from the aforementioned courses, the structure of the suggested joint postgraduate course includes the realization of seminars-lectures and meetings. The postgraduate students’ research work will also be presented.