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Doctoral Studies

The Department of Business Administration of Food & Agricultural Enterprises (DEAPT) of the University of Patras provides the possibility of conducting doctoral studies in areas that fall within the research interests and / or cognitive subjects of the Department:
  • Business Administration (Principles of Business Administration, Business Strategy and Policy, Production Management, Quality Management, Human Resources Management and Organizational Behavior, Business Innovation and Competitiveness, etc.)
  • Marketing (Marketing Principles and Strategy, Brand Policy, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Communications, etc.)
  • Economics (Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Trade), Agricultural Economics and Policy (Cooperative Economy, Price Analysis), Accounting and Finance (Costing & Accounting Costs, Financial Management, etc.).
  • Agriculture (Plant Morphology and Physiology, Current Trends in Agricultural Production), Chemistry and Food Technology, Food Safety, Environmental Management (By-Products and Waste Management of Agricultural Enterprises), etc.
  • Business Research, Decision Making Theory, Management Information Systems, Project Management, Business Intelligence Systems.
  • Basic science subjects (Mathematics of Administrative & Economic Sciences, Statistics, Informatics and Chemistry).
The Doctoral Degree is an academic degree that certifies the substantial contribution of the holder to the development of key areas of knowledge, in-depth understanding of his scientific area and the preparation of an original dissertation in the field of Administrative or Economic or Technical Sciences.
The elaboration of a doctoral dissertation leads to the acquisition of the title: Doctoral Diploma in Business Administration of Agricultural Products and Food. The doctoral studies aim at the creation of high quality and modern scientific research, as well as at the training of scientists capable of contributing to the progress and development of science and basic research.
The graduates of the doctoral programs are intended to staff the research, business and educational potential of the country and abroad. At the same time, the doctoral program is a source of academic prestige and international academic distinction for the Department, as well as for the University in general, and contributes to the qualitative and quantitative upgrade of research production.

For more information: Department Secretariat tel. 0030 2641074109 - 0030 2641074121